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What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy originated in the USA over 120 years ago. It was Dr. Andrew Taylor Still who discovered the principles of osteopathy. It has developed rapidly since, with a high growth rate of osteopaths and of patients seeking treatment according to osteopathic criteria.

Osteopathy is fluent with the movement in the human body, with the interaction of individual body parts. Be it bones, muscles or the digestive organs, each part is constantly in motion and can only function properly that way. The goal of osteopathy is to get the individual body parts back in to harmonious interaction so that the body's own self-regulating forces can resume their work and the healing process may begin.

Osteopathy today:
In the meantime, osteopathy has established itself as an integral part of the medical world in the USA. About 40,000 osteopaths are working as doctors in osteopathy. In America, osteopathy has evolved from its traditional form, which focused primarily on the locomotor system.

The form of osteopathy practiced in Europe, known as modern osteopathy, was expanded to cover treatment of organs and of the cranio-sacral system. After reaching England, in the 1950s osteopathy crossed the Channel to France. Meanwhile it has become an acknowledged form of therapy in Belgium. Since the end of the 1980s, Germany has had 5-year courses for professionals seeking further training.


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